Sacred Wound, No.2

The Healing Touch

A partner to ‘No.1: The Painful Probe’. The same Biblical hand gesture is used in a very different context – to give a sense of gentle healing.
Unlike No.1, this is a consciously sexual sculpture; the intent is not lascivious, despite it’s taboo-ridden subject matter.
Sexual abuse robs the victim of the joy of sensuality – body-positive self-care can be a crucial part of recovery and wellbeing. Knowing and accepting oneself brings positive consequences to all aspects of one’s life.

Dimensions: 290mm H x 130mm W x 60mm D
Materials: Caen Limestone, Red Sandstone base.

FOR SALE, or for LOAN if you are a public institution – contact me to discuss options 

This piece has been recreated using 3D scanning, manipulation and printing as a piece of jewellery