Last Woman Standing

This sculpture was inspired by a figure in the British Museum. Commissioned by a Babylonian king to publicly deride a specific unnamed woman, the museum signage described the 11th century figure as ‘unflattering’. I saw instead a beautifully curvaceous, strong, calm woman – and decided to sculpt my own tribute to this controversial unknown Assyrian woman.

This sculpture is currently the only known figure to have bone nipples. Bone, metal or precious stone inclusions were more commonly inserted as eyes or decoration in antique sculpture.
I chose to emphasise her nipples to highlight this source of feminine power, with the power to nurture life, and to allure.
This finely crafted detail is in deliberate contrast to the free manner in which the figure is carved directly into an unpromising off-cut of stone, making precious that which was rejected.

Material: Ancaster Limestone on a red sandstone base.
Dimensions: 69cm H x 24cm W x 10cm D (Base: 4cm H x 23cm W x 16cm D