Analysis of Henry VIII’s and Anne Boleyn Choir Screen

My interest in Anne Boleyn’s cultural, religious and political influence prompted an in-depth study of the choir screen in King’s College Chapel, Cambridge. I systematically recorded and decoded the carved iconography to reveal a pointed message that went far beyond a mere marriage celebration as previously supposed.  Using imagery that contemporary viewers would have understood, the screen asserts Henry VIII and Anne’s Divine Right to rule over the Church of England and issues a very real and menacing threat to dissenters.

Read/ download my published analysis – 
‘A re-appraisal of the iconography of the choir screen at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge’
Notes and Queries (2014) doi: 10.1093/notesi/giu012 204-06 Oxford University Press Journals
A re-evaluation of the political significance of the ornate carvings on the choir screen commissioned by Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn prior to her execution in 1536.

Read/ download my Index of Imagery –
‘An index of the carved imagery on the choir screen at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge’
In the course of my research I made a detailed record of the carved imagery – where each item could be found on the screen, and it’s possible meaning. This Index is available as a guide for visitors, and to aid further research into the iconography of the choir screen.

My analysis of the screen’s iconography is cited in the 500th anniversary book:
‘King’s College Chapel 1515- 2015. Art, Music and Religion in Cambridge’