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Mary Magdalen

Many depictions of Mary Magdalen(e) show her as merely a beautiful repentant sinner.  I found the story of how she stayed by Jesus's side during his crucifixion (after his other disciples had fled) deeply moving.  I have tried to capture the courage and kindness that would be needed for such an act of loyalty and friendship.


Statue: Portland Limestone 900mm high x 300mm wide x 300mm wide, Base (not shown): Great Tew Ironstone 500mm high x 310mm wide x 310mm deep
Commissioned by St Mary Magdalen Catholic Junior School, London

Read feedback from the London school

Watch videos showing clay model to finished sculpture


Cupped Hands

Commissioned by The Memorial Arts Charity for the Art and Memory Exhibition, West Dean Gardens in West Sussex, 2009. 

The Cupped Hands are on permanent display in the sculpture park in the grounds of Grimthorpe Castle,  Lincolnshire.


Lucy Churcill working on Cupped Hands sculpture

Cupped Hands sculpture Art commission by Memorial Arts Charity

My artist's statement:

This is a very personal response to the loss of a loved one.  I wanted to make something that would feel gentle and cherishing.  It came from a very simple need to feel that the person would still be held - if not by me, then by the earth or a greater spirit.  While the gesture is sheltering and protective, there is also a sense of offering.

'Art & Memory - New perspectives on memorial art.'

Clipsham stone   900mm high x 1250mm wide x 1450mm deep.


Hospice garden sculpture

Created for the heart of a flagship cancer hospice: Arthur Rank Hospice,Cambridge

You can watch a short film about the making of the sculpture: Figure of a Woman

Sandstone block kindly donated by Fairhaven Stone Ltd.  900mm x 600mm x 415 mm


Mourning Figure

A commission to sculpt a small mourning statue - harmonising the traditional style of the medieval statues with my client's contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture.

French Lapine limestone  51cm tall


Mother and Daughter

A commemorative sculpture designed to sit on a desk or window sill.

The pose is based very closely on one particular photograph. The features have been simplified to emphasise the great bond between mother and daughter.

Caen limestone   420mm high x 230mm wide x 140mm deep
"Lucy created for me, from a block of stone and a scattering of family source images, a work of art that captures the essence of a loving mother and daughter." 



A garden sculpture commissioned in memory of an otter loving grandfather.  

The carving was designed with the grandchildren in mind, and is robust enough to be clambered upon. Read client feedback.


English red sandstone   540mm high x 500mm wide x 240mm deep


St Christopher

I chose to focus on the human warmth of this traditional subject, and pared down the forms to emphasise the strong simplicity of the emotions.
This is a gentle, domestic sculpture small enough to sit quietly on a desk, a windowsill or bedside table.

Caen limestone  350mm x 140mm x 80mm     

Medieval lion

This sculpture is based on the type of beasts that support the feet of knights on medieval tombs. See my blog post about this commission. 

Ancaster limestone  450mm high x 350mm wide x 250mm deep