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Anne Boleyn's 'The Moost Happi' portrait medal is available as a plaque or pendant

Watch The Moost Happi medal and my reconstruction on Channel 5 documentary -
'The Fall of Anne Boleyn' with historian Tracy Borman
(available on Channel 5 Catch Up).

Scroll down to read reviews for my reconstruction of the British Museum's portrait medal. 

Order as a PENDANT: 

Made to order in a choice of precious and semi-precious metals to suit your taste.

Dimensions: 25mm x 1.5mm

Select your material and place order here at Shapeways (click this link to order)


The top image shows from top to bottom, left to right the pendant in:

Raw bronze / Polished bronze

Raw Silver / Gold-plated Brass / Polished Silver

Brass / Rose-Gold-plated Brass


Order here as a PLAQUE: 

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Each plaque is individually hand-cast in England by Articole Studios
Cost: £40 plus postage, please specify using button above

Material: Cold-cast bronze resin

Dimensions: 145mm x 7mm

Weight: 250 - 300g

The plaque can be wall mounted or presented on a display stand. It comes wrapped in pretty tissue paper in a black presentation box. Let me know if you would like a hand-written personal dedication. Postage includes internationally tracked postage and packing.


Order as a MAGNET: at the same size as the British Museum original (38mm)
Available in either bronze or brass cold-cast resin.

Order via my Etsy shop: AnneBoleynMoostHappi (click this link to order)

Cost: £12 including postage & packing

Each medal is individually hand-cast in England by Articole Studios

Material: Cold-cast bronze resin

Dimensions: 38mm x 3mm (+2mm)

Weight: 23g 


Eric Ives, OBE:
'Lucy Churchill's brilliant achievement has brought us as close to the real Anne Boleyn as we shall ever be able to get'.
David Starkey, CBE:

'Lucy Churchill's reconstruction of The Moost Happi portrait medal is the best image we are ever likely to have of Anne Boleyn'.

Alison Weir:

'Through meticulous research Lucy Churchill has created an authentic replica of the medal of Anne Boleyn, as it would have looked originally.  A must for anyone interested in Anne Boleyn'.

Hilary Mantel:

'Lucy Churchill's skill and craft has recreated a real woman, not a romantic heroine. This is Anne as her century saw her'.

Claire Ridgway:

The 1534 medal is the closest we get to the ‘real’ Anne Boleyn, and  it’s wonderful to have it reconstructed in all its glory. Lucy has done a wonderful job at bringing it to life.”
Natalie Grueninger:
“Lucy Churchill’s astonishing reconstruction of The Moost Happi portrait medal is one of my most treasured possessions. It’s unquestionably the most true-to-life image of Anne Boleyn that we have.” 
Susan Bordo:
Ever since Lucy Churchill and I worked on a piece together on "What did Anne Boleyn Really Look Like?" I've been entranced with her work reviving the real Anne through this magnificent medal. A copy of the medal sit's proudly on my favourite bookshelp, a testament to the endurance of history over fiction. I'm so pleased to see this extraordinary work receiving the attention it deserves!"
Owen Emmerson:
"Lucy Churchill's stunning recreation of The Moost Happpi medal portrait of Anne Boleyn - the only contemporary likeness of her to survive - has brought into stark relief the face of a Queen in her most triumphant days. Churchill has skilfully recovered the face of a woman who captivated a kingdom and who beguiles us still." 
Roland Hui:
"Lucy Churchill’s reconstruction of Anne Boleyn’s 1534 ‘Most Happy’ medal is a welcomed and needed addition to studies about her portraiture. A must for anyone on ‘Team Anne’!"