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Historical Reconstruction: Mary Magdalene and St Peter

A pair of statues based on two 13thcentury Anglo Saxon altar figures. 

The client supplied a photograph from an auction catalogue, and I developed the poses into three-dimensions.


Caen limestone 

25cm high  x 7cm wide x  7cm deep


Client feedback:


Dear Lucy,

Just a quick thank you for these remarkable statue(tte?)s.  Margaret, who would like to impose a no-buy zone on my activities, was immediately taken with them.


1 + 1 does add up to much more than 2 because of your attention to their design. We are amazed that things so small can have such power. Ideally they'd revolve on plinths, but we'll just turn them round for different angles every so often. They need to be together rather than at either end of the mantelpiece - again, a tribute to your skill.  


We'd love to see Mary + Child.  

Best wishes for future projects, John

historical work

historical work

historical work

historical work