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Some examples of previous commissions                             See how to commission a headstone

McJennet Angel Tiger cub headstone Bowden sheep headstone
McJennet Angel, Red Sandstone
Cornelly, Wales

Pettit Tiger Cub

Grinshill Cream Stone

Bowden Sheep, Hopton Wood Stone
Layham, Suffolk

To commemortate the life of Adam Cole three seats were inscribed with 'The Rules', three aphorisms by which he chose to live

  They are situated at the edge of the playing fields of Uppingham School, Rutland

The lettering was drawn and sand-etched into Irish Fossil Limestone by David Crowe  

Betty sheep drawing Heffil Plaque
Betty's Sheep, design proposal
Private Collection

Betty's memorial, Portland Stone
Private Collection

Heffil Candle plaque, Hopton Wood Stone
Private Collection


Hoare linked hands
Hoare handshake, Design Proposal

Hoare Handshake, Nabrasine Stone

Maplethorpe Green, Warwickshire

Hoare Handshake, Nabrasine Stone

Detail of back view


McJennet angel detail