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Headstones and Memorials: The Commissioning Process

I am totally committed to fulfilling the wishes of my clients, expressing their ideas in three dimensions with artistic integrity. My intention is that the resulting artwork is both faithful to, and greater than, what was originally hoped for.


You are welcome to contact me by telephone or e-mail for an initial discussion.  We can arrange to meet in person, or can communicate throughout the project via e-mail.


Initial planning stage

I will send you a summary of points to consider, which will help to identify details that are important to you.  Some people have a very clear image of what they want, and I am happy to work closely to a given brief, advising only on technical matters.  Other clients have some ideas for a memorial but would like to develop them further with the assistance of an artist. In this case we can use a process of consultation and sketches to enable you to arrive at a design that best expresses your thoughts and feelings.


Financial range

It is good to have an idea of your financial framework at the outset, so that I can develop a design that fits within it. Generally my price ranges from 3,000 for a relatively simple headstone to 5,000 for a more complex memorial. This price includes the installation of the finished piece, unless otherwise specified. The overall cost is influenced choice of stone, the complexity of the design and the amount of letter cutting work involved.



If the memorial is to be installed in a public cemetery, I will contact the relevant authority at the start of the process to ensure that the design fits within their specifications. When an unconventional memorial is proposed in a traditional cemetery, a detailed description of the work may need to be presented to the diocese. I am happy to do this, and have always had my designs accepted.


Proposal and cost

Once a clear brief has been established, I will make scale drawings and let you know the cost of carving this proposal. I will also send you stone samples for you to choose from. There is a 250 fee for this initial work.  Further alterations can be made to the design at an hourly charge.



When you feel completely happy with the design, and approval has been given by the relevant authority, I will ask you to sign a copy of the drawing and commission details.

One half of the total agreed cost is due at this stage. On receipt of this, I will order the stone and work will commence.  The final payment is to be paid once the memorial is in place, or has been collected from my workshop. 


Clients can arrange to visit to my workshop during the design and carving of the memorial and I am happy to email photographs of work in progress.



past work


Hoare headstone completed


Lucy working on the Hoare headstone